Rihanna – Pour It Up (Leo Kalyan Remix)

Strip clubs and dollar bills
still got my money
Strippers goin’ up and down that pole
still got my money



3 x Tracy Chapman Remix

Who doesn’t love them some good ol’ Tracy?

I’ve gathered, what I find, are the three best remix’ of her treasured classics.

Happy TBT peeps!

Skateboard vid – Kilian Martin: Altered Route

This is not new. But it is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and if you have not seen it you should do so now.

It shows pro skater Kilian Martin skating an old abandoned themepark. Amazing. Watch it. Now. Do it.

The track is “Adventures in your own backyard” by Patrick Watson



The video was made by the very talented Brett Novak


Horn & Bermann – Late summer

Bye bye summer. My lover, my friend, my confidant. I thank you for your warmth and for the way you brought us all together. You made us dance from sundown to sunrise. You made our skin darker and our hair lighter. You made our smiles wider, our laughter louder and our drinks taste better. You will be greately missed. Until we meet again, sincerely yours ❤